When you first install FarmKeeper on your computer, it will be locked down into Evaluation mode. To unlock FarmKeeper and fully enable all of its features, you'll need to Activate it.

Activation is simple - just type in the License Code (from your invoice or retail packaging) and Machine Code (from FarmKeeper's activation wizard) into the form below, click Submit, and then type the Activation Code provided back into FarmKeeper. For more information, see the FAQ entry or contact us.


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(From your invoice or retail packaging.)

* Machine Code :

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(From FarmKeeper's activation wizard.)

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Note that your purchase entitles to you free support and major upgrades for the first 12 months. If you would like to recieve upgrades on CD via postal mail, please enter your details in the 'optional' section of the form. If you purchased FarmKeeper directly from our website, and we already have your details, you don't need to enter them again.


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